Family Resource Center

Our Family Resource Center is located across from the Library near the Jr. and Sr. High Youth rooms. The resource center is set up to be a self help center to help bring Faith home. We want to offer as many things as we can to make discussions about faith-God, Jesus, Prayer,Religions, doubts and much more- easy.

Books: We have a large selection of books available for borrowing. Some books include devotions, parenting topics, Children’s topics, Bible history, Music and much more.

Music and Video’s: We also have a large selection of Cd’s and Dvd’s that can be checked out as well. The Cd’s include a lot of new artists in almost every genre of Music out there. The Dvd’s range from documentaries to main stream family movies to educational movies.

Prayer Cubes: Prayer Cubes are just that. Dice. If you are like most people you sometimes don’t know what to say when it’s time to Pray. The Prayer Cubes help with that problem. We offer 2 different kinds at this time. A Mealtime Dice which has 6 different Graces, and a Anytime dice that with prayers like the Serenity Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer. When its time to pray, a family member rolls the dice and you simply say the prayer on the top of the Cube.