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Let us Consider how to Provoke Love and Good Deeds,
not neglecting to gather together, but encouraging one another.
– Hebrews 10:24-25-

All church social events are designed and planned around 6 guiding principles. They are:

  • To Be Faith Based -How can we add an element of Christ to each event. This includes prayer time, devotions, etc.
  • To Be Family Friendly -We strive to have activities for Children and adults of ALL ages for families of all sizes.
  • To Be Multi-generational – We make sure there are opportunities for ALL Ages to be engaged in the activity and have a good time.
  • To Be inexpensive and local – We understand our family budgets and constantly try to make events free or very low cost. One way is to stay as local as possible.
  • To Build community – We want these events to be a place to get to know new people and old friends on a deeper Level.
  • To Reach out beyond our Church walls – We are always asking ourselves if the event is an opportunity to reach out to the community to invite them to join with us in our activity.

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