Single Board Members and COM Members

Chairperson: Bruce Dopslauf

Church Treasurer: Jim Otto

Board of Trustees Chairperson: Bryan Schramm

Staff- Parish Relations Committee Chairperson: Carol Howse

Senior Pastor: J. Paul Bruhn

Associate Pastor: Madeline Henners

Single Board Members: David Jenkins, Michelle Messer, Carol Martyr, Charlie Learned, Angela Adkins, Carol Howse, Ed Murphy

Lay Leader & Lay Member, Annual Conference: Ed Murphy

2nd Lay Member of annual Conference: Marie Allen

Alternate Lay Member to annual Conference: Marion Bruhn

Nominations and Lay Leadership: J. Paul Bruhn

Church Historian: TBD

FUMC Foundation President: David Jenkins

Worship Committee Chairperson: Mary Ann Hatfield

Sages and Saints Representative: Patty Ingalls

United Methodist Men President: Patrick Caballero

United Methodist Women President: Barbara Buscher


Lay Servants: Marion Bruhn, Bruce Dopslauf, Doris Matthews, Ed Murphy, Joe Reagan,  Carol Howse, James Howse, Heidi Stone, James Watson